As we prepare to present Udi Gans's new SOLO Exhibit we sit down and reflect on his journey, review his art and visit his studio.

Udi Gans is an Israeli contemporary painter. He works mainly with oil and acrylic on a variety of canvases, from Cardboard to Linen, Glass and more. He has a gentle yet rough touch with a distinct style. 

Udi Gans is not your typical artist in any way, haunted by his chubby childhood, his works are presented with an eclectic array of chubby characters that all have a childlike feel, even that childlike bold honesty. He appropriately titled his works as 'Shmanman is Fun' which means Chubby is Fun. We feel that this is his cathartic way of coping with his daily annoyances with the world, his life and himself, using these characters that are not him but all carry his identifying chubby persona. 

The messages delivered through his works create a purpose and a sarcasm that makes you feel you are near Udi Gans himself.


Below you can find some of our favorites pieces by Udi Gans, and some captures from our visit.

Udi Gans is an independent artist and lives in Herzelia, Israel.