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Michael van Emde Boas is a Dutch photography artist who currently lives and works from Amsterdam.


By questioning the concept of movement, Michael’s work always starts with an exceptional idea plus a well prepared and sophisticated work environment. His works mainly captures movement. Intrigued by fascination of using photography as a medium to capture what you can’t see. By doing so, new visible interpretations are created which reveal the UNPREDICTABLE.

In Michael’s work there is an inseparable relationship between elements, motion, moment and himself. In his work he uses daily items we all know. At the same time, his work reflects the beauty and fragility of those common things around us. In the challenge of the unpredictable perfection, his work has lost predefined proportions and recognition. A fine detail; Images are captured -“as is”- with no, or limited post-editing. Viewers are encouraged to imagine their own interpretations, instead of questioning ‘the how’, or ‘the what’.


Michael Van Emde Boas is in an ongoing effort, trying to expand boundaries in this work field. Bigger sets. Other materials. More complexity. New approaches. The Contemporary Cosmos series is inspired on authenticity of individuals and how they meet. Colorful traditional Indian Holy Powder symbolizes different cultures, spirituality, while the captured muddle reveals the occasionally gathering. 

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