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Sam Drukker, an Amsterdam based artist. 

Sam Drukker (1957) studied at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen The Netherlands where he received a classical training as painter and tutor. When he finished his studies he worked in Paris and Barcelona.  He founded the Netherlands group of Portrait painters of which he was a member until 2000. He is also a Professor at the Wackers Academy of Art in Amsterdam. Sam Drukker chooses to be involved in teaching because of his concern at the lack of traditional methods of painting within education. In 2011, Sam Drukkers was named Artist of the Year.


In Sam Drukker's figurative work the human form takes a central role which he paints and draws in its raw appearance and unaffected by culture. It is this depiction of life that he concentrates on almost exclusively, leaving the remaining surface of the painting virtually untouched. Beauty and decay lies side by side in his works - a fascinating entity, often at once dramatic and romantic. Sam Drukker wants to express life with every stroke of the brush: its beginning, its ending, ecstatic life or exhausted life.


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