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"Nowadays one has to be creative to reach their public,

finding the right pathway, helping artists reach their customers directly and flowing with an everlasting changing market."  -rachel meijler

Meijler Art is a young and ambitious gallery dedicated to a growing group of emerging and established International artists. 

Meijler recognized the start of a change in the art world a few years ago and from the desire to adapt and evolve and make a difference, Meijler Art was founded.Trying to re-invent the synergy between gallery and artist, creating a trustworthy platform were passion for art guides the path.  

The requirements of representation have changed and connecting collectors to artists is a different ball game. Social media has created both opportunities and possibilities that only now the world is adjusting to and transparency has become the condition of success and sustainability of relationships. 

From Public Art Events to small exhibitions, Meijler Art finds a way to the heart of the Art Lover.

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