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Rachel Meijler was born to the arts, without a doubt.

Raised in Amsterdam by an artist mother and an art collecting father, her grandfather a patron to young artists and her grandmother the niece of the renowned Dutch painter, Isaac Israëls.

Now, imagine a childhood filled with endless weekends spent at the Stedelijk museum, playing hide-and-seek with her brothers behind world famous art, imagine the dialog, the education, the creativity! It comes at no surprise that 'appreciation of the arts' runs in her veins and through her family's legacy, however, the passion for arts came to her at a young age, all on her own.

Growing up in the International Amsterdam of the 70's, Meijler developed an ease in connecting with people from all over the world, with her liberal artistic style, Rachel soon developed her own specific taste, a skill she will embrace in any profession.

Curiosity moved Rachel to Israel at a young age, and Love kept her there until this day. She owned and ran her own production company, organizing professional events while raising a beautiful family. In 2014, with her children "coming of age", Rachel allowed herself to refocus her energy to the arts, traveling through art fairs around the world, managing galleries and dealing art.

Keeping with her exceptional ability to accept, evolve and adjust with change, Meijler found her role within the “New Art World”, post the effects of E-Commerce. She recognized the boom in Art Fairs, the growing independence of artists representing themselves and the struggle for most galleries to maintain their artists and costumers in result.

Rachel Meijler's role in this evolving art world combines her passion, abilities, experience, creativity and her knowledge to facilitate galleries on reaching a new public while helping artists reach their customers directly, all the while flowing with an everlasting changing market.

"Selling art is like making a shidduch*, you can exhibit the most beautiful works, but in the end it's all about chemistry"  (*Match in Yiddish)

“We have art in order not to die of the truth." - Nietzsche