Ruth Noam

Ruth Noam
b. 1961, Morocco. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Avni Institute of Art, Tel Aviv; Sculptura, Sculpture studies under David Peer
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Mysore and Udiapur, India; Tzilum Ba’am Photography School, Tel Aviv; B.Sc., Nursing and Behavioral Sciences, Bar-Ilan University; M.A. studies, Organizational Psychology, Bar-Ilan University; CEO, Impact-Center for Organizational and Individual Training (until 2009).

Artist Statement

Throughout my career as an organizational consultant, I have been studying art and sculpture in Israel and abroad. The internal force driving me to create is the outcome of the encounter with life itself, with all its complications. Human behavior and interactions with me have always been an unclear puzzle, far from simple. The notion that human beings are mechanisms, chemical-physiological machines with electrical conductors, is very often convincing. However, there is a simultaneous existential need to consider each person as an independent, free entity, master of one’s own fate, responsible for the creation of one’s own life. The daily routine is a kind of kaleidoscope that seems to provide a new outlook on life, and has done so since time immemorial, here and everywhere.
To live means to contemplate, wonder, feel, see, decide, dare, act, change things and change oneself – not necessarily in this order, but, after all, this is the nature of life in general and of my own life in particular. At any given moment, questions and speculations arise within me about the human paradox. While humanity’s common denominator cuts across cultures, continents, religions and gender, human beings strive towards a distinctive religious, national, ethnic and gender identity. Through art, I address these issues, exploring my place as creature, creator and creative source.