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Michelle Tam was a restless child. Her curiosity drove her parents to their absolute limits. Creativity, flexibility and adaptability were the surviving factors of her upbringing and came to be the identifying characteristics of her life and work.

Growing up to an ever changing scenery of cultures and to an entrepreneur father, Michelle had to discover her strengths and weaknesses at a young age and from that, her independence as well, thus creating her own work ethic and becoming a natural entrepreneur.

Her relationship to the arts began at a young age, she found an escape and connection to music, as a singer/songwriter. Michelle always searched for creative ways in which she could express, from creating endless collages made of artifacts collected throughout her travels and chance encounters, to painting, to photography, through sculpture and even dance, she became a closet artist. It is no surprise that the connections she made in friendships and in work were most notably to artists, which she always admired and quietly envied.

Co-Founding MEIJLER ART GEEK was a natural progression for both Rachel and Michelle, working to facilitate artists and galleries to a new world, by mixing Michelle’s pure love and appreciation of art, in all its forms, with her strong personal connections and business abilities. Her work experience ranges from music, interior design, sales, marketing and brand consulting, real estate and hospitality. 

Finally there is a peaceful resting place for Michelle within the arts.

Michelle Tam is a single mother to her son, Ethan, dividing her time between New York City and Tel Aviv.

“I am the guardian of expression through art" - michelle tam

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