Costa Maragakis is a fine art trained artist, Island boy raised in Crete, Greece. He mentored under a theater set design director in Athens and worked on the sets for the opening ceremony of the Olympics until he moaned in his own specific style.

Utilizing different kinds of mediums, specializing in sculptures. Costa Maragakis’s work can be expressed as a Gothic wonderland illuminating the grey area between reality and fantasy via Burtonesque imagery. Almost all his materials are “rubbish rescues”, found on the streets of Tel Aviv.

This obsession boarders on hoarding, but he seems at ease in his cluttered surrounding, when asked if he would rather his studio be organized and labeled, he smiled shyly, completely uninterested :)

In his work you can find a sensitivity and loyalty to the grotesque nature of his materials, he keeps their sadness, their abandoned nature intact while adding color and bringing life to them, creating a visual purpose for these discarded items, this sensitivity is one that we would not have noticed have we not took the time and visited Costa in his studio today, he probably never noticed it himself. This insight into his work, it is moving on a personal level and adds another dimension to his work.

Rachel Meijlers fascination with Costa Magarakis's art is based on personal experience. “Costa entered the gallery I managed and I was infatuated with both his art and his shy and boyish appearance. We immediately clicked and shared passion for the same artists. Within hours I sold a couple of his pieces, that really says it all.”


Talking with him, one can mistake his quiet and agreeable nature for sadness or loneliness, but his life is nothing but! He was born a Twin, in 2006 he moved to Tel Aviv for love and his heart is full ever since.. After moving to Israel he started working for and collaborating with various galleries, one day he found a discarded shoe on the street and he just felt compelled, the rest is here before you.


Now a days his works can be observed at the Science museum in Oklahoma. 

Costa Magarakis resides in Tel-Aviv, a city that inspires his work and dark visions.

Below you can find some of our personal favorites pieces by Costa Magarakis, and images from our visit to his studio in Tel Aviv.